What are Loose Parts?

The theory of loose parts was created by architect Simon Nicholson in 1971. He saw the power of play and inspiring creativity at a young age. According to Penn State Extension, the definition of loose parts is: “materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in […]

How to support your child if they’ve fallen behind in school

Many kids have fallen behind with their schooling over the last two years so if you’re reading this, know that you’re not alone. We’ve tried so many things to get our kids caught up such as tutoring (which gets expensive), working with them one on one and getting them assistance in school. While these things [...]

What are Progress Reports?

The Progress Report provides an opportunity for parents to gain an understanding of how their child is doing in class. It helps to identify the child’s strengths and areas for improvement that can be worked on throughout the school year. It also shows a student’s general progress in regards to the curriculum expectations covered within [...]

10 Ways to Use Halloween Candy as an Opportunity to Learn!

October is an exciting month for many children, as Halloween offers children an exciting time to be someone or something different.  But for most children, the best part of Halloween is the CANDY!  Who doesn’t love all access to as much candy as you can eat!  This Halloween we can use children’s love of candy to integrate some [...]

Is The New School Year Routine Kicking Your Butt Too? 5 Tips Guiding You Back To Sanity After A Cringe September

Settling into the new school year routine September has kicked my butt. I don’t like or want to admit it but it’s true. Consequently, the new school year routine is kicking everyone else’s butt too. This makes me feel slightly better. A month ago - in August - I remember saying how excited I was [...]

Get Back to School Ready

I am not sure how we got here. It feels like yesterday I was giving birth in a hospital room, hoping that you would be a healthy baby. Just yesterday your father and I looked into your eyes for the first time, full of tears and overwhelming joy. Just yesterday we walked you through our [...]

Back To School Tips!

August Back To School Tips: 5 Quick Things To Do Now Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier & Set Your Kid's School Year Up for Success (Including How To Get Out Of The Daily Chore of Making Lunch)! Back To School Tips! The sun setting on the summer reminds us September and back to school [...]

What to Pack on the First Day of School (Kindergarten Packing List)

It’s halfway through the summer and the commercials for back to school have already started.  Meaning, the start of school is your mind.  It’s your little one’s first year of school and you want to make sure that they have everything they need to start off the year in kindergarten. Packing List (with all items labeled with [...]

What is STEM and how to integrate it this summer?

STEM is a word that we hear more and more in the educational setting. But what does STEM really mean?  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. By combining the four subjects, students are able to apply these concepts to the real world. STEM allows for a much deeper understanding of problems and is very [...]

Summer “Brain Drain” or Summer Learning Loss

It’s June. Almost the end of the school year.  Students are bursting with energy awaiting the final school bell of the year, the moment when school is out for the summer.  Summer is a much needed break for students and is a time for them to enjoy being active and outdoors. However, just because students [...]


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