Becoming Proficient in Math

To become proficient in math is a process. Students are not naturally good at math or inherently bad at it. Our minds are constantly growing and by incorporating an approach that allows students to immerse themselves in mathematics they become more proficient. A student who is proficient in math has been given the time, opportunity [...]

(For Parents) How to help Kids with Homework & be Supportive in their Educational Journey

It can be a nightmare – you’ve had a long day at work and the last thing on your mind is helping your kid with their homework! But getting involved in what they’re doing at school is crucial to help them learn, achieve and do well. It’s often hard for kids to know where to […]

Helpful Tips for Parents’ with Children Switching to Virtual Learning

Whether you are an experienced veteran or a new parent to virtual learning, a transition to virtual learning can be difficult for both your child and yourself.  Managing young children at home while you are expected to work is a task that makes you even more of a superstar. In our previous blogs, we have […]

Progress Report Cards 2021

In September, parents felt a sense of excitement to send their children back to school.  Let's face it… almost two years of online learning for students under the age of 12 was HARD. Now that Progress Reports are out, there is a clear aftershock from the affects of the pandemic and online learning.  So let’s [...]

Importance of Setting Goals

When you ask most kids what their goal is for the school year, they say to get “good grades”.  Well…yes… that would be a great goal, however, we need something a little more concrete and achievable for them.  Getting good grades isn’t just a switch that we can turn on and off (as great as [...]

How To Build A Productive Learning Space For Students

As September nears and the days get shorter, we know that school is quickly approaching.  With what will be a more “normal” year to come, we want to set our children up for success whether they are attending a virtual or in-person school.  One of the very most basic, yet important ways to do so [...]


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