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What are Progress Reports?

The Progress Report provides an opportunity for parents to gain an understanding of how their child is doing in class. It helps to identify the child’s strengths and areas for improvement that can be worked on throughout the school year. It also shows a student’s general progress in regards to the curriculum expectations covered within the first months of school by providing meaningful feedback to both the student and parent. The student will receive one of the three categories: Progressing With Difficulty, Progressing Well, and Progressing Very Well. The progress report provides a snapshot of how the child is doing in class. It allows for a conversation on how to better support the child and their learning.

The Learning Skills and Work Habits section provides the parent with an assessment on the child’s skills related to learning. There are six sections: responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative and self-regulation. All of these are key pieces in a child’s success throughout their school years. They are assessed as: excellent, good, satisfactory and needs improvement.

The Progress Report is completed based on a few months of observation and assessment. Its goal is to better prepare the students for the school year ahead. The overall purpose of this report is to provide areas of growth for the students to set them up for success in the year to come.