Helpful Tips For Parents

Helpful Tips for Parents’ with Children Switching to Virtual Learning

Whether you are an experienced veteran or a new parent to virtual learning, a transition to virtual learning can be difficult for both your child and yourself.  Managing young children at home while you are expected to work is a task that makes you even more of a superstar.

In our previous blogs, we have referred to ways to set up your child’s learning space and day.  The transition involves parents;  you help by managing the move to virtual learning in their home.

Here are some helpful tips to create a smooth transition to virtual/online learning.

  1. Create structure. You need a routine and so does your child. Create structure by implementing a visual schedule/checklist that includes lunch breaks and so on for both yourself and your child.
  2. Prepare lunches and snacks ahead of time. Lay it out similar to the way your child would eat at school. This would ensure there would be no need to prepare snacks or meals for them during your work day.
  3. Create a space in the house that is for you, and a space that is for your child.
  4. Place a digital clock in the room with your child, so they will have an easier time following their schedule .  You could help by setting alarms that would signal when they were to return to the virtual classroom.
  5. Carve out a time that works to support your child with their day’s activities.
  6. Create realistic expectations for yourself and your child.  Take a minute break if you need to.  Allow your child to do the same.
  7. Have everything set up for them before they are to be online. They may need to have access to items such as passwords, website addresses and specific materials.
  8. Get them moving during the breaks.  Get yourself moving too.  Sitting all day is difficult on your child, and you as well.
  9. Make sure they know how to use the mute button and the turn camera off button.
  10. Remember, everyone, including you, is trying their best.