Complete Math Success K

Complete Math Success provides plenty of interesting and systematic practice for developing and improving your child’s math skills. The QR codes in each book will bring your child to our online resources for interactive videos which further develop his or her math concepts. Through Complete Math Success, your child will not only understand the concepts better and master the necessary skills, but he or she will be able to apply them in solving math problems in real-life situations.

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Complete Math Success K, published in full color with captivating illustrations to help stimulate learning for children, is divided into three learning sections, with each learning section separated into chapters by subject. All the learning sections end with a final review. Every learning section begins with a QR code leading the user to more online educational resources to help further develop the child’s understanding of math concepts.

Complete Math Success K also includes a parents’ guide to help parents support their children with understanding Grade 1 math concepts and identifies key problem areas for many students. As well, an easy reference answer key is included in the back of the workbook.

All Complete Math Success workbooks are created in alignment with National and State standards.

Perfect Bound
8¼” X 11¼”
272 Pages

Topics Included:

  • Comparing
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Shapes
  • Simple Addition/Subtraction


ISBN : 978-1-942830-56-6
$13.95 $6.98



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